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Payroll System

Adaptive Clouds Payroll system's, fully integrated and unified work-flow, makes you feel that everything in control.

This simplified Payroll, processing with a formula builder, supports management of Attendance, leave, loan, claims and etc. It Auto calculates CPF/ Funds and able to print Itemized pay slip and supports monthly CPF file generation, Bank file generation & year-end IRAS auto inclusion submission.

Cloud Based

This Software fully based on cloud. Easy access from anywhere and any devices.

Mobile App

Pay app for employees to access their Payslip, Leave and Claim on the go.

CPF / IRAS Files - erp singapore -  - Adaptive BIZAPP

CPF / IRAS Files

E-Submission for CPF, Auto Inclusion Scheme(AIS) for IRAS and Bank Files.

Key Features

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Ease of management of employee details

Creating and managing employee profiles in an organized manner giving quick and easy access to employee data.

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Accurate Payrollprocessing

Accurate and efficient employee payroll processing with auto integration of leave,attendance,overtime pay rates etc.

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Leave Management

Enables fast and easy leave application and leave tracking system with auto inclusion of leave policies and sending of emails and alerts .

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Auto inclusion of Tax,CPF and levy

Accurate computation of complex CPF calculations with auto tax filing and levy.

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Efficient Attendance tracking

Allows for inclusion of both monthly and daily attendance for employees, that’s included during pay generation.

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Mobile app Employee Login

A downloadable payroll mobile app facility enabling employees to apply for leave,claims,view payslipsanywhere, anytime.

Key Benefits

Email Management

Access from anywhere anytime

Auto File generation for CPF, IRAS and Bank Files

Attendance Tracking

Mobile app for Employee access

Notification Enabled

payroll management system singapore - Adaptive BIZAPP

Served Industries

Management of Stocks, Accurate Data, Time and date, customer and supplier relationship,etc. eating up the mind and making process still more difficult and tedious.