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Cloud-based ERP Software in Singapore

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software manages businesses’ key processes to achieve benefits like higher productivity and efficiency. With the best ERP software in Singapore, your business can reduce overhead costs, delays, and more.

About Adaptive Bizapp’s ERP Software

Our ERP software is designed to make running your business easier than ever. By providing a central resource from which to collect, track, manage, and analyse data, it streamlines processes and your own management.


  • Easy access anywhere, anytime, and on any device
  • Skip upgrade and IT infrastructure costs


  • View important information at a glance
  • Interpret data more easily for better decisions

Mobile app

  • Access major ERP functions on the go
  • Manage your business anytime, anywhere


  • Transact seamlessly with companies in the Peppol system
  • Enjoy smoother invoicing and faster payments with InvoiceNow
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Here’s how our ERP software can improve your business

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Better customer data management
Maintain up-to-date and organised consumer data from a single platform.

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Simplified business management
Integrate sales, finance, and inventory management into a single system.

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Streamlined purchasing process
Track and manage purchasing decisions more easily.

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Effective inventory tracking
Monitor inventory with an organised system to reduce stock issues and errors.

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Up-to-date accounting
Keep an eye on accounts with a user-friendly, automatically updated system.

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Optimal employee tracking & management
View, update, and track employee data from a centralised location.

Why Choose Adaptive Bizapp’s ERP Software

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Multi-customer Management

Empower your customer-facing teams with built-in CRM functions that offer a consolidated view of all relevant customer data.

adaptive bizapp erp
adaptive bizapp erp

Credit Limit Management

Track account receivables and manage different clients’ credit limits with alerts.

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Cash Flow Management

Optimise and analyse your cash flow through a module that automatically processes and tracks your transactions.

adaptive bizapp erp
adaptive bizapp erp

Email Management

File and process organisational emails automatically, so that critical messages are never lost and can be found using a searchable archive.

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Product Batch and Expiry Management

Track product batches and expiration dates for maximised quality control, defect triangulation, recall management, regulatory compliance, and reduced product waste due to spoilage.

adaptive bizapp erp
adaptive bizapp erp

Accounts Payable Aging Reports

Get full visibility over accounts due through updated, easy-to-grasp reports that let you manage cash flow and collections easily.

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Sales Order & Payment Management

Streamline every part of the sales order and payment processes and ensure all relevant departments get alerts on time for smooth operation. Transact seamlessly with Peppol-linked companies via InvoiceNow.

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adaptive bizapp erp
adaptive bizapp erp

Sales BI App

Get a comprehensive view of your sales operations using a business intelligence app that helps you make tactical and strategic decisions based on data.

Applicable to Multiple Industries

As you can see from our client base, our ERP system can be customised to meet your needs, no matter which industry you’re in.