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POS System

Point of sale (POS) system is the spot where your customer makes the payment for goods or services that are offered by your company.Point of sale systems are systems that enable the business transaction between the client and the company to be completed. POS system is a computerized network that consists of the main computer linked with several checkout terminals and supported by different hardware features starting from barcode scanners and ending with card payment terminals.

As businesses have different profiles they need a various point of sale systems as well. For example, restaurants, retail businesses, and grocery stores all have their specialties and that is why they need a POS system that meets their specific needs.

A food store requires a scale at the point of sale and a cafe needs to have an opportunity to customize menus in case of special offers. But in general, there are two primary types of businesses that need the point of sales system.

Cloud Based

This Software fully based on cloud. Easy access from anywhere and any devices.

Mobile App

Pay app for employees to access their Payslip, Leave and Claim on the go.

CPF / IRAS Files

E-Submission for CPF, Auto Inclusion Scheme(AIS) for IRAS and Bank Files.

Key Features

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Sales process made simple and efficient

With one click of a button, checkout tasks like product look up and price calculation can be done easily.

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Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking helps in keeping track of fast moving items and phasing out the low – selling products ensuring products are well stocked.

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Customer loyalty programme can be used

With a sound customer database ,loyalty programmes may be incorporated to improve the business.

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Sales tracking via mobile device

With downloadable mobile apps for POS, sales tracking may be done easily anytime anywhere.

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Improve Customer experience

Providing a high quality ,user-friendly interface creates a positive and impactful customer experience.

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Sales Analytics and Reporting

The Sales Analytics and Reporting functionality allows capture and analysis of the sales data to improve business.

Key Benefits

Customer Loyalty Programme

Package and Promotion Management

Sales BI App

Sales Using Tablet

Point of sale systems  - Adaptive BIZAPP

Served Industries

Management of Stocks, Accurate Data, Time and date, customer and supplier relationship,etc. eating up the mind and making process still more difficult and tedious.