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Supply Trade

Computer programs that facilitate trading of financial products such as stocks and currencies. Software is usually provided by brokerage firms that enable their clients to trade financial products and manage their accounts. Different brokerages will have different software which determines the interface in which trades are made and information is searched.

Key Features

1. Supply Value Chain

Seamless end to end management of the supply value chain from purchasing,storage,inventory management to distribution to end user.

2. Inventory Management

Handling product movements in bulk and in batches and effective maintenance of stock.

supply chain management  - Adaptive BIZAPP
Integrated trade Facilitation - Adaptive BIZAPP

3. Customer Management

Well organised customer database enabling efficient customer relationship.

4. Centralised Order Processing

Managing sales order workflow from quotation to order to invoicing using a single interface.

5. Financial Reporting

Seamless integration of accounting functionality with the trading transactions.

Supply Trade Workflow

Management of Stocks, Accurate Data, Time and date, customer and supplier relationship,etc. eating up the mind and making process still more difficult and tedious.